A New Beginning

You never know what life holds in store for your future. I would have never dreamed this would be mine!

It seems like yesterday our boys were little and life was perfect. We had built our dream home on eight acres, just outside of town. I was able to be a stay at home mom and homeschooled Jimmy, Jacob and Joseph. I thought those days would last forever, but of course they couldn’t.

My boys grew in to young men. Jimmy became a carpenter building new homes, Jacob chose the Army, transportation and Joseph was off to the Citadel, determined to become a Marine after graduation. We had done well. How proud we were of all three!

It wasn’t long before Jimmy brought Katie and her precious boy, Tommy, into our lives. Our first daughter and we’re grandparents at last! Within the year Jacob also brought a new wife, Kelly and two adorable little granddaughters, Juanita and Angel, into the picture. Joseph worked hard at school in the honors program and a couple of study abroad programs with his eye on the prize, a commission in the Marine Corp.

Jumping ahead a few years finds us all together celebrating Joseph’s graduation from officer’s basic at Quanico. His big brothers and sister-in-laws were so proud. Big brother Jacob, now out of the army, pulled his uniform out of storage to give little brother that first salute. What a wonderful time it should have been, but something was wrong.

Jacob had not been the same since coming home from a year in Iraq. Kelly didn’t seem to be the person we thought she was. They hardly knew one another when they married and five months later he was off to Iraq. No, something was definitely wrong.

Life went on. Jacob moved his jamily back home to be closer to us. He thought it might help, especially with a baby on the way, but it didn’t. Three years, and another baby, and my beloved Jacob was gone. He just couldn’t live with his demons. We tried to help Kelly but it was impossible to help someone who didn’t really want help. She was not the wife we would have chosen for our son! She ended up taking our grandchildren back to her parents house in Virginia where we had little contact until…

We are now raising Jacob Jr. 6 years old and parker 3 years old. It has been a challenging year but rewarding. Our son lives on in his sons!

Now you know my story. I hope you will join me on our journey. It may at times be dull but I know we are not alone. There are other grand families out there going through the same day to day struggles. We are older and hopefully wiser and together maybe we can help each other alongthe way.